Current law limits the number of days that a retired teacher who is a public employees' service association (PERA) retiree can work as a substitute teacher for a PERA employer without reduction in PERA retirement benefits. The act temporarily waives these limits for qualified service retirees in any school district or charter school while there are critical substitute teacher shortages. This temporary waiver does not count against the additional 10 service retirees that a state college or university or an employer in the school division or the Denver public schools division of PERA may hire. For purposes of the act, "substitute teacher" is defined to have no restriction in the length of a continuous assignment.
(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)

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Statutes affected:
Preamended PA1 (02/15/2022): 24-51-1101
Introduced (01/14/2022): 24-51-1101
Engrossed (02/15/2022): 24-51-1101
Reengrossed (02/16/2022): 24-51-1101
Revised (03/04/2022): 24-51-1101
Rerevised (03/07/2022): 24-51-1101
Final Act (03/09/2022): 24-51-1101
Signed Act (03/17/2022): 24-51-1101