The act expands certain preventive health-care services to include counseling, prevention, and screening for a sexually transmitted infection (STI). The act adds contraception as a mandatory health benefit.Current law requires a health-care provider or facility to perform a diagnostic exam for an STI and subsequently treat the STI at the request of a minor patient. The act allows a health-care provider to administer, dispense, or prescribe preventive measures or medications where applicable. The consent of a parent is not a prerequisite for a minor to receive preventive care, but a health-care provider shall counsel the minor on the importance of bringing the minor's parent or legal guardian into the minor's confidence regarding the services.Current law requires the executive director of the department of health care policy and financing to authorize reimbursement for medical or diagnostic services provided by a certified family planning clinic. The act removes the requirement that services be provided by a certified family planning clinic and authorizes reimbursement for family planning services and family-planning-related services provided by any licensed health-care provider.The act appropriates $90,547 to the department of health care policy and financing and $13,353 and provides 0.2 FTE to the department of regulatory agencies for use by the division of insurance to implement the act.(Note: This summary applies to this bill as enacted.)

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Statutes affected:
Preamended PA1 (03/25/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409
Preamended PA2 (04/30/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409
Preamended PA3 (05/28/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409
Introduced (02/16/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409
Engrossed (05/04/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409
Reengrossed (05/05/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409
Revised (06/02/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409
Rerevised (06/03/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409
Final Act (06/09/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409
Signed Act (07/06/2021): 10-16-104, 25-4-409