The bill allows the attorney general to disclose to law enforcement personnel any materials or information obtained through the implementation or operation of the safe2tell program (program) if the attorney general reasonably deems such disclosure necessary for the prevention of imminent physical harm or serious bodily injury to one or more persons.
The bill permits a court to issue a search warrant court order for production of records upon the request of a law enforcement agency, public safety agency, or district attorney, under seal, for program materials identifying a reporting party if the court, following an in camera review, determines probable cause exists that a reporting party to the program knowingly used the program in the commission of false reporting of an emergency and release of program materials is justified on balance in view of the probable violation and the program purpose of anonymity . The court may lift the sealing only on a motion of a district attorney upon showing of good cause following an in camera review of the information. If changes are filed against a person that rely on the information provided pursuant to the court order, the sealing order automatically expires and the information is subject to discovery obligations.
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(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)

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