The California Constitution and existing law authorize and regulate the California State Lottery. Existing law clarifies that a business or entity may manufacture, assemble, repair, maintain, print, or otherwise produce and transport various devices, paraphernalia, equipment, tickets, or other products that are used in a state lottery. Existing law additionally clarifies that it is not unlawful to produce, print, or sell any advertising materials for a lawful lottery conducted outside of California if those advertising materials are not used in California.
This bill would specify that is it lawful for a business to place, operate, or send communications using, any electronic communication equipment, including, without limitation, a computer server, wire, or router, located within the State of California, relating to the operation of a lottery conducted in any other state or jurisdiction where that lottery is not prohibited by the laws of that state or jurisdiction, and provided that the persons wagering on those games are required to be physically present in the geographic boundaries of the state or jurisdiction at the time of wagering.

Statutes affected:
SB1523: 8880.70 GOV
03/12/24 - Introduced: 8880.70 GOV
SB 1523: 8880.70 GOV