Under the California Youth Football Act, a youth sports organization, as defined, that conducts a tackle football program must comply with certain requirements, including, among other things, having a licensed medical professional, which may include a state-licensed emergency medical technician, paramedic, or higher-level licensed medical professional, present during games.
Until January 1, 2028, this bill would require the Surgeon General to convene a Commission on Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and Youth Tackle Football to investigate issues related to the risks of brain injury associated with participation in youth tackle football, and to provide recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature on strategies to reduce those health risks, including the minimum appropriate age for participation in youth tackle football. The bill would require the commission to request youth sports injury information from youth tackle football leagues, which would be shared on a voluntary basis. The bill would require the Surgeon General to publish a report on their internet website on or before July 1, 2027, with the findings of the commission.

Statutes affected:
AB3047: 35000 EDC
02/16/24 - Introduced: 35000 EDC
03/21/24 - Amended Assembly: 35000 EDC
AB 3047: 35000 EDC