Existing law, the Government Claims Act, requires the Department of General Services to designate the fund from which a claim is to be paid and requires the state agency concerned to pay the claim from that fund if, among other things, the Director of Finance certifies that a sufficient appropriation for the payment of the claim exists. If sufficient appropriations are not available for the payment of certain claims, settlements, or judgments, existing law requires the Attorney General to report the claims, settlements, and judgments to the chairperson of either the Senate Committee on Appropriations or the Assembly Committee on Appropriations, who is then required to cause introduction of legislation appropriating the funds necessary for payment.
This bill would appropriate $523,000 from the General Fund to the Attorney General for the payment of claims, settlements, or judgments against the state arising from 3 specified actions.
This bill would declare that it is to take effect immediately as an urgency statute.