The Political Reform Act of 1974 prohibits certain contributions of more than $250 to an officer of an agency by any party, participant, or party or participant's agent in a proceeding while a proceeding involving a license, permit, or other entitlement for use is pending before the agency and for 12 months following the date a final decision is rendered in the proceeding, as specified. The act requires disclosure on the record of the proceeding, as specified, of certain contributions of more than $250 within the preceding 12 months to an officer from a party or participant, or party's agent. The act disqualifies an officer from participating in a decision in a proceeding if the officer has willfully or knowingly received a contribution of more than $250 from a party or a party's agent, or a participant or a participant's agent, as specified. The act allows an officer to cure certain violations of these provisions by returning a contribution, or the portion of the contribution of in excess of $250, within 14 days of accepting, soliciting, or receiving the contribution, whichever comes latest.
This bill would raise the threshold for contributions regulated by these provisions to $1,000, as specified. The bill would limit the prohibition on contributions made during and after a proceeding to the 9 months after a final decision in a proceeding is made, and it would extend the period during which an officer may cure a violation to within 30 days of accepting, soliciting, or directing the contribution, whichever is latest. The bill would specify that a person is not a "participant" for the purposes of these provisions if their financial interest in a decision results solely from an increase or decrease in membership dues. The bill would prohibit an agent of a party or participant from making any contribution to an officer during a proceeding and for 9 months after a final decision is made, and it would further clarify when a person is considered to be an agent for these purposes. The bill would exempt the periodic review of development projects from these provisions.
The Political Reform Act of 1974, an initiative measure, provides that the Legislature may amend the act to further the act's purposes upon a 23 vote of each house of the Legislature and compliance with specified procedural requirements.
This bill would declare that it furthers the purposes of the act.

Statutes affected:
SB1243: 250 INS
02/15/24 - Introduced: 250 INS
03/18/24 - Amended Senate: 84308 GOV, 250 INS
05/08/24 - Amended Senate: 84308 GOV
SB 1243: 250 INS