Existing state law authorizes the Department of Transportation to designate certain lanes for the exclusive use of high-occupancy vehicles (HOVs) .
Existing federal law authorizes, until September 30, 2025, a state to allow specified alternate fuel and plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles to use lanes designated for HOVs.
Existing state law authorizes the Department of Motor Vehicles to issue decals or other identifiers to qualified vehicles, as specified. Existing state law allows a vehicle displaying a valid decal or identifier issued pursuant to these provisions to be operated in a lane designated for the exclusive use of HOVs regardless of the occupancy of the vehicle.
These existing state laws, by operation of their provisions, become inoperative on the date the federal authorization expires. Existing state law also repeals these provisions on September 30, 2025.
This bill would extend the repeal date of these provisions until January 1, 2027.

Statutes affected:
AB2678: 5205.5 VEH, 21655.9 VEH
02/14/24 - Introduced: 5205.5 VEH, 21655.9 VEH
03/18/24 - Amended Assembly: 5205.5 VEH, 21655.9 VEH
AB 2678: 5205.5 VEH, 21655.9 VEH