Existing law authorizes a county, upon the adoption of a resolution by its board of supervisors, to impose a specified fee, in addition to other fees imposed for the registration of a vehicle, to be expended in part to fund programs to deter, investigate, and prosecute vehicle theft crimes.
This bill would, for purposes of this requirement, define vehicle theft crimes to include the theft of vehicle parts or components.
Existing law requires a county that imposes this fee to annually issue a report to the Controller including an accounting of the funds, as specified.
This bill would require this report to be posted on the county's internet website.

Statutes affected:
AB2536: 9250.14 VEH
02/13/24 - Introduced: 9250.14 VEH
06/07/24 - Enrolled: 9250.14 VEH
06/14/24 - Chaptered: 9250.14 VEH
AB 2536: 9250.14 VEH