Existing law authorizes the establishment of county school attendance review boards and local school attendance review boards, and, if established, requires those boards to be composed of at least a parent and 12 representatives of specified entities and community groups, as provided.
This bill would require each county school attendance review board and each local school attendance review board to, at least annually, consult with specified pupils for the purpose of soliciting input that will assist board members in gaining a better understanding of, and proposing interventions for, pupil attendance challenges and behavioral challenges.

Statutes affected:
AB1939: 48321 EDC
01/29/24 - Introduced: 48321 EDC
03/11/24 - Amended Assembly: 48321 EDC
06/07/24 - Enrolled: 48321 EDC
06/14/24 - Chaptered: 48321 EDC
AB 1939: 48321 EDC