The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act requires every manufacturer of consumer goods sold in the state for which the manufacturer has made an express warranty to maintain sufficient service and repair facilities, as specified, to carry out the terms of the warranties. Existing law requires a manufacturer or its representative who fails to service or repair goods pursuant to an express warranty, after a reasonable number of attempts, to replace those goods or to reimburse the buyer, as specified.
This bill, if a manufacturer or its representative does not service or repair a travel trailer or a portion of a motor home, as specified, to conform to applicable express warranties after a reasonable number of attempts, would authorize a buyer to elect reimbursement in lieu of replacement, and would specify that the buyer is not required to accept a replacement travel trailer or motor home. The bill would define terms for these purposes.

Statutes affected:
AB1849: 1793.22 CIV
01/17/24 - Introduced: 1793.22 CIV
03/20/24 - Amended Assembly: 1793.22 CIV
05/16/24 - Amended Assembly: 1791 CIV, 1793.2 CIV, 1793.22 CIV
06/06/24 - Amended Senate: 1791 CIV, 1793.2 CIV
AB 1849: 1793.22 CIV