Existing law establishes the State Department of Health Care Services within the California Health and Human Services Agency. The Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP) is administratively created by the department to reduce opioid-related overdose deaths by providing free naloxone hydrochloride to eligible entities.
This bill would require the department to conduct outreach to each of the tribal governments in California for the purpose of advising them of the availability of naloxone hydrochloride or another opioid antagonist through the NDP. The bill would require the department to provide technical assistance to the tribal entities applying for naloxone kits through the NDP if requested to do so by the tribal government. The bill would require the department to report to the Legislature and to the Assembly and Senate Health Committees, the results of the outreach program, as specified, annually on or before March 31 of each year, beginning on March 31, 2025. The bill would repeal these provisions on March 31, 2027.

Statutes affected:
AB1233: 11999.20 HSC
02/16/23 - Introduced: 11999.20 HSC
03/16/23 - Amended Assembly: 11999.20 HSC
AB 1233: 11999.20 HSC