Existing law authorizes the court to issue an order to restrain a person to prevent acts of domestic violence, abuse, and sexual abuse, and to provide for a separation of the persons involved in the domestic violence for a period sufficient to permit these persons to seek resolution. Existing law authorizes a person who has suffered harassment, as defined, to seek a temporary restraining order and an order prohibiting harassment. Existing law prohibits denial of the right to petition when the petitioner has vacated the household to avoid abuse, and, under certain conditions, in the case of a marital relationship.
This bill would specify the jurisdictions in which the petitioner may file for a restraining order, including, among other jurisdictions, the superior court in the county where the defendant resides, where the offense occurred, or where the petitioner resides or is temporarily located. The bill would expressly state that an individual need not be a resident of the state to file a petition for a restraining order under these provisions. The bill would also declare the severability of its provisions.

Statutes affected:
01/03/24 - Amended Senate: 6301 FAM
01/11/24 - Amended Senate: 6301 FAM