The California Internet Consumer Protection and Net Neutrality Act of 2018 prohibits fixed and mobile internet service providers, as defined, that provide broadband internet access service, as defined, from engaging in specified actions concerning the treatment of internet traffic. The act also prohibits fixed and mobile internet service providers from offering or providing services other than broadband internet access service that are delivered over the same last-mile connection as the broadband internet access service, if those services have the purpose or effect of evading the above-described prohibitions or negatively affect the performance of broadband internet access service.
This bill, the Digital Equity Bill of Rights, would state that it is the principle of the state, to ensure digital equity for all residents of the state, that residents shall have access to broadband that meets specific requirements, and that it is the policy of the state that, to the extent technically feasible, broadband internet subscribers benefit from equal access to broadband internet service within the service area of a broadband provider, as those terms are defined. The bill would also state that it does not create an obligation for the state to enforce that principle or policy and does not create a private right of action against the state to enforce the bill. The bill would make related legislative findings and declarations.