Existing law requires, in conformance with federal law, that the Secretary of State and the Department of Motor Vehicles establish and implement the California New Motor Voter Program for the purpose of increasing opportunities for voter registration for qualified voters. Existing law requires the department to transmit to the Secretary of State specified information related to a person's eligibility to vote, which the person provides when applying for a driver's license or identification card or when the person notifies the department of an address change. Existing law requires that if this information transmitted to the Secretary of State constitutes a completed affidavit of registration, the Secretary of State must register or preregister the person to vote, as applicable, unless the person affirmatively declines to register or is ineligible to vote, as specified.
This bill would require the Secretary of State and the department to develop a process for the department to use information from the statewide voter registration database to determine whether a person who submits a driver's application is already registered or preregistered to vote in the state. The bill would require the department, based upon this determination, to transmit specified information provided by the person during their transaction with the department to the Secretary of State for the purpose of registering or preregistering that person to vote or to update their registration information. The bill would prohibit the department from providing a person the opportunity to attest to meeting voter eligibility requirements when they submit a driver's license application, if the person provides a document to the department during the transaction demonstrating that the person is not a United States citizen. The bill would permit the Secretary of State, upon a determination that adequate technology infrastructure exists, to promulgate regulations concerning the establishment of a list of individuals who are eligible to be preapproved for voter registration, as specified.

Statutes affected:
SB299: 14005.37 WIC
02/02/23 - Introduced: 14005.37 WIC
03/27/23 - Amended Senate: 14005.18 WIC, 14005.37 WIC
06/13/23 - Amended Assembly: 2264 ELEC, 2265 ELEC, 2266 ELEC, 2267 ELEC, 2270 ELEC, 2401 ELEC, 14005.18 WIC, 14005.37 WIC
06/19/24 - Amended Assembly: 2264 ELEC, 2265 ELEC, 2266 ELEC, 2267 ELEC, 2270 ELEC, 2401 ELEC
06/27/24 - Amended Assembly: 2262 ELEC, 2265 ELEC, 2267 ELEC, 2274 ELEC, 2276 ELEC, 2264 ELEC, 2265 ELEC, 2266 ELEC, 2267 ELEC, 2270 ELEC, 2401 ELEC
SB 299: 14005.37 WIC