Existing law requires the Secretary of Government Operations to develop a coordinated plan to, among other things, investigate the feasibility of, and obstacles to, developing standards and technologies for state departments to determine digital content provenance. For the purpose of informing that coordinated plan, existing law requires the secretary to evaluate, among other things, the impact of the proliferation of deepfakes, defined to mean audio or visual content that has been generated or manipulated by artificial intelligence that would falsely appear to be authentic or truthful and that features depictions of people appearing to say or do things they did not say or do without their consent, on state government, California-based businesses, and residents of the state.
This bill would express the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation related to artificial intelligence that would relate to, among other things, establishing standards and requirements for the safe development, secure deployment, and responsible scaling of frontier AI models in the California market by, among other things, establishing a framework of disclosure requirements for AI models, as specified.

Statutes affected:
SB294: 65913.11 GOV
02/02/23 - Introduced: 65913.11 GOV
09/13/23 - Amended Senate: 65913.11 GOV
SB 294: 65913.11 GOV