Existing law establishes the jurisdiction of a criminal action brought by the Attorney General for theft, organized retail theft, or receipt of stolen property as including the county where an offense involving the theft or receipt of the stolen merchandise occurred, the county in which the merchandise was recovered, or the county where any act was done by the defendant in instigating, procuring, promoting, or aiding in the commission of the offense.
Existing law defines the crime of grand theft to include stealing, taking, or carrying away the cargo of another with a value of over $950.
This bill would include the crime of cargo theft in the above-mentioned jurisdictional provisions.

Statutes affected:
AB329: 459.5 PEN, 490.2 PEN
01/30/23 - Introduced: 459.5 PEN, 490.2 PEN
03/13/23 - Amended Assembly: 786.5 PEN, 459.5 PEN, 490.2 PEN
AB 329: 459.5 PEN, 490.2 PEN