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Bill No: SR 12
Author: Allen (D)
Introduced: 1/25/23
Vote: Majority
SUBJECT: School Board Recognition Month
SOURCE: California School Boards Association
DIGEST: This resolution proclaims the month of January 2023 as School Board
Recognition Month.
ANALYSIS: This resolution makes the following legislative findings:
1) California has nearly 1,000 school districts and county offices of education
throughout the state, represented by nearly 5,000 school board members
accounting for the largest number of locally elected officials in the state.
2) The first school district in the United States was established in 1721.
3) The mission of public schools to meet the diverse educational needs of all
children and to empower pupils to become productive and thoughtful
contributors to a democratic society and an ever-changing world is more
important now than ever before.
4) School board members work closely with parents, certificated and classified
educational professionals, and other community members to create effective
learning environments where all pupils can thrive.
5) School board members are responsible for building and maintaining the
structures that provide a solid foundation for our public school system.
6) School Board Recognition Month is an ideal time to recognize and celebrate the
Californians serving on school district governing boards and county boards of
education who help guide the education of pupils in kindergarten and grades 1
to 12, inclusive, and who prepare these pupils for the opportunities and
challenges of the 21st century and beyond.
SR 12
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This resolution:
1) Declares the state’s appreciation to every school board and school board
member in California and recognizes their dedicated commitment to serving the
needs of pupils in our communities by proclaiming the month of January 2023
as School Board Recognition Month.
2) Urges all community members to join the Senate in recognizing the dedication
and hard work of local school board members and to work with local school
board members to create an education system that meets the needs of all of our
Related/Prior Legislation
HR 10 (Muratsuchi, 2023) proclaims the month of January 2023 as School Board
Recognition Month.
FISCAL EFFECT: Appropriation: No Fiscal Com.: No Local: No
SUPPORT: (Verified 1/31/23)
California School Boards Association (source)
OPPOSITION: (Verified 1/31/23)
None received
ARGUMENTS IN SUPPORT: According to the sponsor, California School
Boards Association, “SR 12 recognizes the work of local governing boards that
represent the many school districts and county offices of education serving
communities throughout California. These boards are made up of dedicated
community members, who include parents, local business owners, neighbors and
many others who all have one thing in common – serving the needs of every
student in their local public schools.”
Prepared by: Karen Chow / SFA / (916) 651-1520
2/1/23 12:14:15
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