Existing law, the Gambling Control Act, provides for the licensure and regulation of various legalized gambling activities and establishments by the California Gambling Control Commission and the investigation and enforcement of those activities and establishments by the Department of Justice. Existing law establishes the Bureau of Gambling Control under the direction of the department.
Existing law requires the commission to establish a 10-member Gaming Policy Advisory Committee composed of representatives of controlled gambling licensees and members of the general public in equal numbers. Existing law requires the executive director of the commission to convene the committee, from time to time, for the purpose of discussing matters of controlled gambling regulatory policy and any other relevant gambling-related issue.
This bill would increase the membership of the committee from 10 to 12 members and would require the additional members to include one representative of academia who possesses knowledge on matters related to gaming and one representative from the bureau. The bill would require the executive director to convene the committee at least twice every calendar year, rather than from time to time.

Statutes affected:
AB224: 19817 BPC
01/10/23 - Introduced: 19817 BPC
AB 224: 19817 BPC