Existing law requires the Franchise Tax Board to make available to taxpayers tax forms to allow taxpayers to file returns under the Personal Income Tax Law and Corporation Tax Law. The Franchise Tax Board allows taxpayers to file their taxes through the Franchise Tax Board's internet website via the CalFile program.
Existing law, beginning on or after January 1, 2015, in modified conformity with federal income tax laws, allows an Earned Income Tax Credit against personal income tax and a payment from the Tax Relief and Refund Account for an allowable credit in excess of tax liability to an eligible individual that is equal to that portion of the Earned Income Tax Credit allowed by federal law as determined by the Earned Income Tax Credit adjustment factor, as specified.
This bill would, beginning January 1, 2023, require the Franchise Tax Board to notify potential eligible individuals, as defined, of available paperless filing options offered through the Franchise Tax Board, including the CalFile program, and free tax preparation services, including the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. The bill would require these notifications to include information about the California Earned Income Tax Credit. The bill would require the Franchise Tax Board to submit a report on or before January 1, 2026, relating to the costs, efficacy, and savings realized based on these notification requirements, as provided.

Statutes affected:
AB1863: 974 MVC
02/08/22 - Introduced: 974 MVC
03/24/22 - Amended Assembly: 19582 RTC, 974 MVC
04/19/22 - Amended Assembly: 19582 RTC
05/19/22 - Amended Assembly: 19582 RTC
AB 1863: 974 MVC