Existing law establishes the Bureau of Household Goods and Services within the Department of Consumer Affairs. Existing law establishes the Division of Household Movers within the bureau and makes it responsible for the licensure and regulation of household movers. Existing law, the Household Movers Act, defines terms for its purposes, including "household mover," which includes every corporation or person, as specified, engaged in the permitted or unpermitted transportation for compensation or hire as a business by means of a motor vehicle or motor vehicles being used in the transportation of used household goods and personal effects over any public highway in this state.
This bill would exclude from the definition of "household mover" a motor carrier, as defined, that provides transportation of household goods in containers or trailers where the household goods are entirely loaded and unloaded by an individual other than an employee or agent of the motor carrier and a broker that utilizes the services of that motor carrier and does not otherwise advertise, solicit, offer, or arrange for the full service moving of used household goods by motor carrier for compensation.

Statutes affected:
AB 224: 19225.5 BPC
01/11/21 - Introduced: 19225.5 BPC