Existing law imposes various limitations on the emissions of air contaminants for the control of air pollution from vehicular and nonvehicular sources. The State Air Resources Board is designated with the primary responsibility for the control of vehicular air pollution and air pollution control and air quality management districts with the primary responsibility for the control of air pollution from all sources other than vehicular sources.
Existing law establishes one or more hearing boards in each district for the purposes of performing specified functions, including, among others, issuing specified interim variances. The hearing board is required to serve reasonable notice of the time and place of the hearing to consider an interim variance application upon the district air pollution control officer and the applicant.
The Ralph M. Brown Act requires a legislative body of a local agency, at least 72 hours before a regular meeting, to post an agenda containing, among other things, information on the time and location of the meeting. The act requires the body, upon the request of a person, to mail the agenda to the person at the time the agenda is posted.
This bill would require a hearing board to send a notice of the hearing not less than 72 hours before the hearing to any person who requests the notice, thereby making changes to conform the notice provisions with the notice provisions of the act.

Statutes affected:
SB629: 40824 HSC
02/22/19 - Introduced: 40824 HSC