HB2873 is a bill that proposes amendments to the Arizona Revised Statutes concerning the abandonment of animals. The bill expands the definition of animal cruelty to include intentionally or knowingly releasing a domestic animal or horse into the wild, a remote area, or on land not under the owner's direct control, as well as abandoning an animal. It also mandates that any abandoned animal, in addition to stray dogs, must be impounded and given proper care and maintenance.

The bill outlines penalties for those convicted of this form of animal cruelty, including fines, restitution to rescuers and shelters, suspension of the offender's driver's license, and a prohibition on contact with animals for repeat offenders. Additionally, the bill requires property managers and landlords to report abandoned animals to law enforcement and imposes a $1,000 civil penalty for failure to do so. The bill also defines "abandonment" and makes technical and conforming changes to existing statutes.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 11-1013, 13-2910, 32-2177, 33-304, 17-101, 13-802