House Bill 2787 amends Title 16, Chapter 4, Article 1 of the Arizona Revised Statutes by adding Section 16-406.01, which pertains to the conduct of elections. The bill grants the chair and ranking member of the house and senate committees with jurisdiction over elections the right to inspect any and all voting equipment used in a jurisdiction. They may be accompanied by an expert of their choice during the inspection, and the chair or ranking member of the opposing party has the right to attend with their own expert. Inspections can include access to all source codes and other proprietary material related to the voting equipment.

The bill specifies that elected officials can conduct inspections at any time with five calendar days' notice to their opposing party counterpart but must not disrupt the voting process on election day. Both the elected official and accompanying expert are legally bound to keep all information from the inspection confidential unless they have a good faith belief that the voting equipment is malfunctioning or being exploited in a manner that violates election law. This provision modifies the current law by explicitly allowing elected officials and their experts to inspect voting equipment and by setting conditions for confidentiality and non-disruption of elections.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 16-406.01
House Engrossed Version: 16-406.01