SB1666 is a bill that amends the current law regarding the filing of initiative petitions for city, town, or county matters in Arizona. Under the existing law, once a petition is filed with the Secretary of State (SOS), no additional petition sheets can be accepted. The new bill language allows for a single supplemental filing of additional signatures if the initial petition is filed within 30 days of the filing deadline. This supplemental filing must be done by the filing deadline. The bill also makes technical and conforming changes and will become effective on the general effective date.

The bill modifies Arizona Revised Statutes Section 19-121 by adding a provision that permits proponents of a local initiative petition to file additional signatures in a single supplemental filing if the original petition is submitted close to the deadline. This change aims to provide more flexibility for petitioners in the process of collecting signatures for local ballot measures.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 19-121
Senate Engrossed Version: 19-121