HB2703 is a bill that amends Arizona Revised Statutes section 41-1202, which deals with the process of filling legislative vacancies. The bill introduces a new requirement for the county board of supervisors (county BOS) to appoint a person to fill a legislative vacancy within 14 calendar days after receiving a list of three nominees. This list can come from either the state party chairperson or a citizens panel, depending on the number of precinct committeemen in the legislative district and county where the vacancy occurred.

The bill modifies the current law by specifying a strict 14-day deadline for the county BOS to make an appointment from the nominees provided. This change aims to expedite the process of filling legislative vacancies. The bill does not have any anticipated fiscal impact on the state General Fund and will become effective on the general effective date.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 41-1202
House Engrossed Version: 41-1202