SB1359 is a bill that amends Arizona Revised Statutes by adding a new section related to election communications. The bill requires that any synthetic media message, known as a deepfake, which is created and distributed within 90 days before an election and depicts a candidate on the ballot, must include a clear and conspicuous disclosure indicating that the media includes content generated by artificial intelligence. This requirement is aimed at preventing deceptive and fraudulent deepfakes that could mislead voters about a candidate's actions or statements.

The bill also establishes that failure to include the required disclosure will result in a civil penalty for each day the deepfake is distributed without it. Additionally, the bill defines key terms such as "creator," "deceptive and fraudulent deepfake," and "synthetic media." It also includes a severability clause to ensure that if any part of the act is found invalid, the remaining provisions will still be enforceable. The bill does not apply to media that constitutes satire or parody, or to interactive computer services as defined in federal law.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 16-1023
Senate Engrossed Version: 16-1023
House Engrossed Version: 16-1023
Chaptered Version: 16-1023