SB1285 is an emergency measure that amends Arizona Revised Statutes sections 16-317 and 16-550, as well as Laws 2024, chapter 1, sections 21 and 22, concerning elections. The bill specifies that electronic petition signatures collected for the August 6, 2024, primary election are valid if they comply with statutory requirements. It also allows candidates to collect up to 110 percent of the minimum number of required nomination petition signatures using the online signature collection system starting January 1, 2025.

The bill includes provisions that prevent the rejection of signatures or petitions based solely on the date of the primary election on the petition form. It also states that a person does not need to file a new or amended statement of interest due to the change in the 2024 primary election date. Additionally, any election item called for the August 6, 2024, primary election must be placed on the ballot for the newly designated primary election date of July 30, 2024. The act becomes effective immediately upon the Governor's signature due to the emergency clause.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 16-317
Senate Engrossed Version: 16-317
House Engrossed Version: 16-317, 16-550
Chaptered Version: 16-317, 16-550