SB1112, also known as the "Arizona Starter Homes Act," proposes amendments to municipal planning laws in Arizona. The bill restricts municipalities from interfering with a home buyer's right to select features, amenities, structure, floor plans, and design of a home. It prohibits municipalities from requiring homeowners' associations (HOAs), shared features or amenities that necessitate an HOA, screening, walls, fences, and private streets or roads. Property owners may still voluntarily form associations.

The bill also sets limits on municipal regulations for single-family home developments. It prohibits municipalities from establishing minimum lot sizes greater than 1,500 square feet for new developments over five acres in areas zoned for single-family homes, except where smaller lots with existing dwellings are aggregated together. It also restricts municipalities from setting minimum square footage for homes, maximum or minimum lot coverage, and minimum building setbacks greater than five feet from side lot lines and ten feet from front and rear lot lines. Design, architectural, or aesthetic elements for single-family homes cannot be mandated, except in historic districts or places on the National Register of Historic Places. The bill emphasizes that these provisions do not override applicable building codes, fire codes, minimum parking requirements, or public health and safety regulations, and they apply to developments constructed after the bill's effective date in municipalities with populations over 70,000 or on tribal land.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 9-461.18, 9-461.19
Senate Engrossed Version: 9-461.18, 9-461.19