HB2183 is a bill that amends Arizona Revised Statutes regarding parents' rights to access their minor children's medical records. The bill requires health care entities to provide parents with equivalent access to any electronic portal and any other health care delivery platform throughout the minority of their child. This includes access to written and electronic medical records for services that do not require parental consent, such as emergency medical situations or treatments for which a minor may legally consent on their own.

The bill expands the existing right of parents to make all health care decisions for their minor children and to request, access, and review all of their medical records. The new language specifies that this right extends to records related to services that may be provided to minors without parental consent, including mental health screenings and treatments, emergency hospitalization or medical attention, and treatment for minors under the influence of dangerous drugs or narcotics. The bill was vetoed by the Governor due to concerns that it may put the health and safety of vulnerable Arizonans at risk.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 1-602
House Engrossed Version: 1-602