HB2117 is a bill that amends the Arizona Revised Statutes relating to workers' compensation, specifically section 23-901.09. The bill extends the presumption that certain cancers arise out of employment to include the reoccurrence of previously diagnosed cancers, provided that the initial diagnosis met specific existing requirements. These requirements include being assigned to hazardous duty for at least five years, passing a pre-employment physical without evidence of cancer, being diagnosed with cancer before the age of 65 or within 15 years of employment, and having no evidence that the cancer was caused by tobacco usage or something other than occupational exposure to carcinogens.

The bill also clarifies the legislative intent that reoccurring cancers, which were originally eligible for coverage, continue to be eligible for coverage under the amended statute. This means that firefighters and fire investigators who have a reoccurrence of a cancer that was previously diagnosed and met the criteria for workers' compensation will still be presumed to have an occupational disease eligible for compensation.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 23-901.09
House Engrossed Version: 23-901.09