HB2013 proposes amendments to Arizona Revised Statutes ยง 11-254.09, which pertains to water improvement programs. The bill allows for a nonprofit corporation, in addition to a county board of supervisors (county BOS), to establish and administer a program that provides financial assistance to residential property owners for improvements to drinking water wells or water delivery systems. The bill also permits the nonprofit corporation to designate an entity to operate the program, establish grant criteria, and award grants. Additionally, the entity operating the program must submit an annual report to either the county BOS or the nonprofit corporation detailing the program's operations, including received donations and awarded grants.

The Governor vetoed HB2013, stating that it does not contribute productively to groundwater management and fails to provide necessary reforms for rural communities facing aquifer depletion. Despite the veto, the bill had previously passed through legislative processes, including committee and full legislative votes.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 11-254.09
House Engrossed Version: 11-254.09