The proposed bill introduces changes to the licensing requirements in Arizona. It amends section 32-721 and adds a new section 41-1080, while repealing the current section 41-1080. The bill removes the requirement for an individual to meet the conditions of the repealed section 41-1080 to obtain a license. It also renumbers the subsequent conditions for obtaining a license, such as being at least eighteen years old and not having engaged in conduct that would warrant disciplinary action.

The bill prohibits state agencies or political subdivisions from requiring individuals to provide documentation of citizenship or alien status when applying for a license. It also allows individuals to use a federal tax identification number instead of a social security number if required for a license application. The bill defines "agency" as any state or political subdivision entity that issues licenses for business operation or to individuals providing services, and "license" as any form of authorization required by law for operating a business or providing services in the state.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 32-721, 41-1080, 32-741