SB1134 is a bill that proposes the appropriation of funds to pay claims made against the state of Arizona. The bill outlines specific amounts to be allocated from various funds, including the state General Fund and other designated funds, to named claimants for the fiscal year 2023. The total appropriation from the state General Fund is $169,995.69, and from other funds, it is $57,408.72. The bill details the exact amounts to be given to various departments and boards, such as the Arizona Department of Corrections, the Arizona Department of Transportation, and the Arizona Medical Board, among others, for the payment of these claims.

The bill also mandates the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) to coordinate the payment to the named claimants. The appropriations cover claims from different funds, including the Risk Management Revolving Fund, Acupuncture Board of Examiners Fund, State Highway Fund, and several others. The bill is set to become effective on the general effective date. The new bill language indicates that it is an act appropriating monies for the relief of named claimants, suggesting a focus on providing financial compensation to individuals or entities with approved claims against the state.