HB2428 is a bill that seeks to expand the Arizona Teachers Academy to include degree-granting private postsecondary education institutions that offer postbaccalaureate teacher preparation programs leading to teacher certification. The bill would allow these private institutions to participate in the Teachers Academy and receive funds from the Arizona Teachers Academy Fund. Additionally, it caps the scholarship provided by a private institution to an eligible student at the remainder of the average in-state tuition and fees charged by Arizona public universities, after accounting for all other financial aid received by the student.

The bill also amends the definition of "eligible postsecondary institution" to include these private institutions, provided they opt to participate in the Teachers Academy. The bill makes technical and conforming changes to the current law, including a minor correction from "freshmen" to "freshman." However, the Governor vetoed the bill, citing the lack of an appropriation to support its implementation and the need for additional investment to expand the Teachers Academy to serve private university students.

Statutes affected:
Introduced Version: 15-1655
House Engrossed Version: 15-1655