SB1019 - 551R - I Ver



PREFILED       DEC 16 2020

REFERENCE TITLE: dependent children; nonoperating identification; photograph





State of Arizona


Fifty-fifth Legislature

First Regular Session





SB 1019


Introduced by

Senator Barto





amending Title 8, chapter 4, article 8, Arizona Revised Statutes, by adding section 8-812; amending section 28-3165, Arizona Revised Statutes; relating to dependent children.





Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

Section  1.    Title 8, chapter 4, article 8, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 8-812, to read:

START_STATUTE8-812.    Child welfare agency; nonoperating identification license; photograph

A child welfare agency that receives for care and maintenance a child who has been adjudicated dependent shall obtain within ninety days after the child is placed with the agency:

1.    A nonoperating identification license issued pursuant to section 28-3165.

2.    If the child does not qualify for a nonoperating identification license, a photograph of the child. END_STATUTE

Sec.  2.    Section 28-3165, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

START_STATUTE28-3165.    Nonoperating identification license; immunity; rules; emancipated minors; definition

A.    On receipt of an application from a person who does not have a valid driver license issued by this state or whose driving privilege is suspended, the department shall issue a nonoperating identification license that contains a distinguishing number assigned to the licensee, the full legal name, the date of birth, the residence address and a brief description of the licensee and either a facsimile of the signature of the licensee or a space on which the licensee is required to write the licensee's usual signature with pen and ink.    A nonoperating identification license that is issued to a person whose driving privilege is suspended shall not be valid for more than one hundred eighty days from the date of issuance.

B.    On request of an applicant:  

1.    The department shall allow the applicant to provide on the nonoperating identification license a post office box address that is regularly used by the applicant.

2.    If the applicant submits satisfactory proof to the department that the applicant is a veteran, the department shall allow a distinguishing mark to appear on the nonoperating identification license that identifies that person as a veteran.

C.    A person who is issued a license pursuant to this section shall use it only for identification purposes of the licensee.   The nonoperating identification license does not grant authority to operate a motor vehicle in this state.    The department shall clearly label the nonoperating identification license "for identification only, not for operation of a motor vehicle".

D.    On issuance of a driver license, the holder of a nonoperating identification license shall surrender the nonoperating identification license to the department and the department shall not refund any fee paid for the issuance of the nonoperating identification license.

E.    A nonoperating identification license shall contain the photograph of the licensee.   The department shall use a process in the issuance of nonoperating identification licenses that prohibits as nearly as possible the ability to superimpose a photograph on the license without ready detection. The department shall process nonoperating identification licenses and photo attachments in color.

F.    On application, an applicant shall give the department satisfactory proof of the applicant's full legal name, date of birth, sex and residence address, if the applicant has a residence address, and that the applicant's presence in the United States is authorized under federal law.   The application shall briefly describe the applicant, state whether the applicant has been licensed, and if so, the type of license issued, when and by what state or country and whether any such license is under suspension, revocation or cancellation.   The application shall contain other identifying information required by the department.

G.    The department may adopt and implement procedures to deny a nonoperating identification license to a person who has been deported.   The department may adopt and implement procedures to reinstate a person's privilege to apply for a nonoperating identification license if the person's legal presence status is restored.

H.    A nonoperating identification license issued by the department is solely for the use and convenience of the applicant for identification purposes.

I.    The department shall adopt rules and establish fees for issuance of a nonoperating identification license, except that the department shall not require an examination.

J.    The fees established pursuant to this section do not apply to any of the following:

1.    A person who is sixty   five years of age or older.

2.    A person who is a recipient of public monies as an individual with a disability under title XVI of the social security act, as amended.

3.    A veteran who does not have a residence address.

4.    A veteran whose residence address is the address of a shelter that provides services to the homeless.

5.    A child in the custody of the department of child safety.

K.    If a person qualifies for a nonoperating identification license and is under the legal drinking age, the department shall issue a license that is marked by color, code or design to immediately distinguish it from a nonoperating identification license issued to a person of legal drinking age.    The department shall indicate on the nonoperating identification license issued pursuant to this subsection the year in which the person will attain the legal drinking age.

L.    If a minor has been emancipated pursuant to title 12, chapter 15, on application and proof of emancipation, the department shall issue a nonoperating identification license that contains the words "emancipated minor".

M.    For the purposes of this section, "veteran" has the same meaning prescribed in section 41   601. END_STATUTE