The State of Alabama recognizes its strong economic and cultural ties with Japan, noting that trade between Alabama and Japan reached nearly two billion dollars in 2022. Alabama's relationship with Japan is multifaceted, including sister city relationships with several Japanese cities, a Japanese Garden in Birmingham acknowledged as an official Japanese Cultural Center, and active engagement in Japanese culture through various societies and festivals. Additionally, students from Alabama universities have benefited from educational visits to Japan. Japan is also acknowledged as a key ally of the United States in a region facing challenges from China and North Korea, and as a partner in global security, development, environmental protection, and other critical areas.

To further this relationship, the Alabama House of Representatives has resolved to create the Alabama-Japan Legislative Exchange Group. This group will consist of members from the House, including representatives from both the majority and minority parties, and any other member with the Speaker's approval. The group will hold an initial meeting by December 1, 2024, and will meet at least annually, providing reports and recommendations to the Speaker. The group's work will encompass educational, cultural, and outreach initiatives, and may collaborate with nonprofit organizations like the Japan-America Society of Alabama. The group will communicate its activities to the Japanese government through appropriate diplomatic channels, and the Speaker of the House retains the authority to dissolve the group if necessary.