The Alabama Workforce Transformation Act, known as SB247 Enrolled, is a comprehensive bill that seeks to restructure the state's approach to workforce development. It proposes renaming the Alabama Department of Labor to the Alabama Department of Workforce and changing the title of the department head from Secretary of Labor to Secretary of Workforce, with the Code Commissioner tasked to update the Code of Alabama 1975 accordingly. The bill expands the department's duties to include labor law administration, compliance with employment regulations, and workforce development, such as collecting labor statistics, making legislative recommendations, and overseeing the Alabama Workforce Board. It also repeals sections related to the Alabama Workforce Council and Regional Workforce Development Councils.

The bill further details the creation of the Workforce Pathways Division, centralizing workforce development functions and funding mechanisms, and establishing the Alabama Workforce Board as the State Workforce Development Board for WIOA purposes. The board will consist of up to 40 members and will advise on workforce development, coordinate funding, and develop accountability metrics. The bill requires the preparation of a Strategic Workforce Plan to guide workforce policies and budget priorities, to be submitted to the Governor and Legislature. Additionally, it mandates the establishment of seven regional workforce boards to align with WIOA and amends existing law to reflect the department's renaming and the Secretary's new responsibilities. The bill also includes organizational changes, such as transferring staff and assets from the Department of Commerce to the Department of Workforce, and restructuring the Unemployment Compensation Division. It sets a full implementation date of October 1, 2025, and an effective date of October 1, 2024.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 25-2-2, 25-2-3, 25-2-6
Engrossed: 25-2-2, 25-2-3, 25-2-6
Enrolled: 25-2-2, 25-2-3, 25-2-6