The Alabama Scenic River Trail, established in 2008 and recognized nationally as a recreational and water trail, has expanded from its original 650 miles to over 6,500 miles of accessible waterways by 2024. It has become a significant contributor to Alabama's economy, partnering with over 70 rental shops and outfitters, and has focused on promoting paddling and water activities while aiming to make Alabama's waterways the safest in the country. The trail has also gained international attention through the annual Great Alabama 650 Race, which had its fifth event in 2023.

The resolution acknowledges the achievements of the participants in the Great Alabama 650 Race, highlighting the winners in various categories, including Overall and Male Solo Winner Trey Reaves, Female Solo Winner Salli O'Donnell, and the Two-person Team winners Matt Taylor and Myles Sumerlin. The resolution commends the winners for their skill and endurance and recognizes the race's importance in promoting paddling sports within Alabama. It resolves to formally commend the division winners and to distribute copies of the resolution to the Alabama Scenic River Trail office headquarters and each of the division winners. The resolution has been adopted by the Alabama Legislature and certified by the Clerk of the House.