This bill pertains to Talladega County and includes provisions for the financial compensation of the county coroner. The bill introduces an additional expense allowance of eight thousand dollars ($8,000) per year for the coroner, which is to be paid in equal monthly installments from the county's general fund. This allowance is in addition to any other compensation, salary, or expense allowances already provided by law.

Furthermore, the bill sets the coroner's annual salary at twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) following the expiration of the term of the current coroner. This salary is to be the total compensation for the coroner, replacing any other forms of compensation or allowances. The bill also repeals Act 2001-491 from the 2001 Regular Session and any relevant parts of Act 2097 from the 1971 Regular Session that pertain to the coroner's compensation. The act is scheduled to become effective on June 1, 2024. The bill has passed both the House and the Senate, with the Senate's passage noted on April 25, 2024.