This bill pertains to Colbert County and concerns the compensation of the Judge of Probate. It stipulates that starting with the next term of office after October 1, 2024, the Judge of Probate will receive a salary equivalent to 80 percent of the total compensation paid to a circuit judge with the same number of years of service, as outlined in Section 12-10B-1 of the Code of Alabama 1975. This salary will be paid from the county general fund and will replace any other compensation previously established by law.

Additionally, the bill mandates that all fees and monies collected by the office of the Judge of Probate, with the exception of the judge's compensation, must be deposited into the county general fund. The Judge of Probate will also be eligible for the same cost-of-living increases granted to other public officials under the Omnibus Pay Act. The act is set to become effective on October 1, 2024, and has been passed by the House on February 28, 2024, and by the Senate on April 30, 2024.

Statutes affected:
Introduced: 12-10B-1
Enrolled: 12-10B-1