Senate Bill 176
Committee: Finance and Taxation Education Sponsor: Senator Arthur Orr
Analyst: John Friedenreich Date: 04/11/2023
Senate Bill 176 as introduced will increase the obligations of the Alabama Commission on
Higher Education, by a department estimated amount of $60,000 to implement the provisions of
this bill requiring the Commission, to: (1) collect, compile, and distribute annually information
for students to use in making an informed decision regarding whether to attend a public
four-year institution or public vocational school and what four-year degree or career and
technical program certification to pursue; and (2) create an interactive online tool to publish and
provide this information to students. This bill will also increase the obligations of the
Workforce Development Division of the Department of Commerce to share any data
information needed to comply with the provisions of this bill upon entering into a memorandum
of understanding with the Commission.
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