1 7BJRVV-2
2 By Senator Melson (N & P)
3 RFD: Local Legislation
4 First Read: 04-Apr-23
6 2023 Regular Session
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SB146 Enrolled
1 Enrolled, An Act,
4 Relating to Lauderdale County; to amend Section
5 45-39-200.05 of the Code of Alabama 1975, relating to the
6 Office of License Commissioner, to further provide for a mail
7 fee for the renewal of business licenses by mail.
9 Section 1. Section 45-39-200.05 of the Code of Alabama
10 1975, is amended to read as follows:
11 "45-39-200.05
12 (a) Before any person, firm, or corporation shall may
13 engage in or carry on any business or other activity in the
14 county for which a license is required by law, a license for
15 the activity shall be purchased from the commissioner and he
16 or she shall be entitled to charge a fee of one dollar ($1)
17 for the issuance of the license. All costs, fees, and
18 penalties, which shall have accrued or for which such the
19 person, firm, or corporation shall have become is liable in
20 any proceeding commenced for the collection of same, shall be
21 paid before any license is eligible for renewal. The
22 commissioner shall issue the license countersigned by him or
23 her in the form and on the blank furnished to him or her by
24 the State Department of Finance which shall set forth and
25 specify the name of the person, firm, or the corporation
26 applying therefor, the business or activity which it proposes
27 to carry on thereunder, the address where it proposes to carry
28 on the same business, the time for which it is issued, and if
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SB146 Enrolled
29 the license is for a peddler, it shall state whether he or she
30 proposes to travel on foot, on horseback, or on by wagon, or
31 on by motor vehicle. The license shall not be transferable
32 except as otherwise provided by law, nor shall it entitle the
33 holder thereof to carry on any other business or do any other
34 act other than that named herein at any other location than
35 that specified; provided, however, that should it become
36 necessary to move any business from one location to another
37 location in the county, and such the business is to continue
38 in the same kind and character and by the same person or firm
39 as that carried on at the former location, then, another
40 license shall not be required for the same licensed year.
41 (b) The commissioner if he or she elects to do so, may
42 mail an application for renewal of a license to all persons,
43 firms, and corporations to whom a license was issued during
44 that license year as reflected on the records in his or her
45 office. For preparing such the application and mailing the
46 application same by first class mail to the address of the
47 person, firm, or corporation as listed on the license records
48 in his or her office, he or she shall be entitled to a mailing
49 and for the return of a renewed license, the license
50 commissioner shall charge and collect a mail fee of one dollar
51 ($1) for each mailing, such mailing fee to. The commissioner,
52 with the approval of the county commission, may increase the
53 amount of the mail fee by a reasonable amount to adequately
54 cover the costs of handling and mailing of each renewed
55 license. The mail fee shall be paid at the same time and in
56 the same manner as other license issuance fees are paid."
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SB146 Enrolled
57 Section 2. This act shall become effective immediately
58 following its passage and approval by the Governor, or its
59 otherwise becoming law.
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SB146 Enrolled
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63 President and Presiding Officer of the Senate
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68 Speaker of the House of Representatives
71 SB146
72 Senate 18-Apr-23
73 I hereby certify that the within Act originated in and passed
74 the Senate.
76 Patrick Harris,
77 Secretary.
82 House of Representatives
83 Passed: 25-Apr-23
88 By: Senator Melson
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