1 HR63
2 210625-1
3 By Representative Hall
4 RFD:
5 First Read: 23-FEB-21
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1 210625-1:n:02/23/2021:BH/bh LSA2021-614
11 WHEREAS, it is with profound sorrow that we note the
12 death on February 8, 2021, of distinguished Civil Rights
13 leader, Reverend Jesse Milan, at the age of 92; and
14 WHEREAS, his passing leaves a void in the lives of
15 his loving family, many friends, and the entire community,
16 where he was highly regarded; and
17 WHEREAS, Reverend Milan was born on March 3, 1928,
18 in Dupree, Oklahoma; and
19 WHEREAS, at a young age, he moved to Kansas City,
20 Kansas, where he graduated from Sumner High School in 1946; he
21 served in the United States Air Force twice, including during
22 the Korean War, before attending The University of Kansas,
23 where he earned a Master's Degree in Education in 1954;
24 following graduation, he began his teaching career, becoming
25 the first black public school teacher in the Lawrence school
26 district; he taught physical education and social studies at
27 Central Junior High, now Liberty Memorial Central Middle
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1 School, and then served as a Physical Education Consultant for
2 all of Lawrence's elementary schools; as a role model, he
3 positively impacted the lives of his students; and
4 WHEREAS, in 1958, Reverend Milan received the
5 Lawrence Junior Chamber of Commerce Young Man of the Year
6 Award; several years later, Pinckney Elementary School
7 dedicated the Jesse Milan Preschool in his honor; while still
8 teaching in Lawrence, he became an Assistant Professor of
9 Education at Baker University in Baldwin City, making him the
10 university's first black professor; also, he founded Mungano,
11 Baker University's first student diversity organization; in
12 2001, Baker University awarded him an honorary doctorate; and
13 WHEREAS, in 1971, Reverend Milan became the Regional
14 Director of Compliance for the U.S. Department of Housing and
15 Urban Development's housing office, which covered Kansas,
16 Nebraska, Missouri, and Iowa; in 1988, he retired; in 2003, he
17 received the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
18 Secretary's Pioneer Award; later, former President George W.
19 Bush appointed Reverend Milan to a commission remembering the
20 50th Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education; and
21 WHEREAS, at the age of 75, Reverend Milan became
22 ordained as a Deacon in the Episcopal Church; he served at St.
23 Martin in the Field in Edwardsville for 10 years and then
24 retired and received the Bishop's Cross Award for his life of
25 service to the church; and
26 WHEREAS, during his lifetime, he also volunteered at
27 Kansas University's relays for 50 years, mentored many
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1 basketball and football players at Kansas University, was one
2 of the individuals selected to carry the 1996 Olympic torch
3 through part of Kansas, led the Kansas branch of the National
4 Association of the Advancement of Colored People, led the
5 Optimist Club, and volunteered for the Salvation Army, where
6 he stood by the donation bucket outside of Walmart during the
7 holiday season, singing to people as they walked inside; he
8 loved the song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"; and
9 WHEREAS, Reverend Milan was preceded in death by his
10 wife of nearly 60 years, Alverse R. Brewster; and
11 WHEREAS, he is survived by his children, Jesse
12 Milan, Jr., John Edward Milan, Julie Ann Milan, and Joy Lynne
13 Milan; and two grandchildren; and
14 WHEREAS, although his presence will be greatly
15 missed, the memory of Reverend Milan will be cherished in the
16 hearts of all who knew and loved him, and his inspiring story
17 will continue to touch the lives of many; now therefore,
19 THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That the death of distinguished
20 Civil Rights leader, Reverend Jesse Milan, is recorded with
21 deep sadness, and this resolution is offered in tribute to his
22 life, along with heartfelt sympathy to his family, whose grief
23 is shared by many.
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