State of Alaska
Fiscal Note
Bill Version: HB 158
2022 Legislative Session
Fiscal Note Number: 1
(H) Publish Date: 2/16/2022
Identifier: HB158-DOR-PFD-1-28-22 Department: Department of Revenue
Title: PFD CONTRIBUTIONS TO GENERAL FUND Appropriation: Taxation and Treasury
Sponsor: PRAX Allocation: Permanent Fund Dividend Division
Requester: (H) State Affairs OMB Component Number: 981
Note: Amounts do not include inflation unless otherwise noted below. (Thousands of Dollars)
Included in
FY2023 Governor's
Appropriation FY2023 Out-Year Cost Estimates
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OPERATING EXPENDITURES FY 2023 FY 2023 FY 2024 FY 2025 FY 2026 FY 2027 FY 2028
Personal Services
Services 43.6
Capital Outlay
Grants & Benefits
Total Operating 43.6 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Fund Source (Operating Only)
1050 PFD Fund (Other) 43.6
Total 43.6 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Change in Revenues
None *** *** *** *** *** ***
Total *** 0.0 *** *** *** *** ***
Estimated SUPPLEMENTAL (FY2022) cost: 0.0 (separate supplemental appropriation required)
Estimated CAPITAL (FY2023) cost: 0.0 (separate capital appropriation required)
Does the bill create or modify a new fund or account? No
(Supplemental/Capital/New Fund - discuss reasons and fund source(s) in analysis section)
Does the bill direct, or will the bill result in, regulation changes adopted by your agency? Yes
If yes, by what date are the regulations to be adopted, amended or repealed? 12/31/22
Why this fiscal note differs from previous version/comments:
Updated for SLA2022 fiscal note template.
Prepared By: Corey Bigelow, PFD Operations Manager Phone: (907)465-2324
Division: Permanent Fund Dividend Date: 01/28/2022 04:00 PM
Approved By: Eric DeMoulin, Administrative Services Director Date: 01/28/2022
Agency: Department of Revenue
Printed 2/16/2022 Page 1 of 2 Control Code: XbUrQ
HB 158 - Fiscal Note 1
This bill allows Alaskans who are eligible for the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) and file their application electronically to
elect on their application to direct funds from their dividend payment to the state's general fund, in a separate section
from those contributions under AS 43.23.130 (Pick.Click.Give). Contributions to Pick.Click.Give will be prioritized and paid
before contributions to the general fund. The application would allow contributions in increments of $25, up to the total
amount of the dividend they are entitled to receive. The electronic PFD application will be modified to include an option
for Alaskans to contribute to the general fund with notification that seven percent of the contribution will be used for
administrative costs. This type of contribution is excluded from applications being filed on behalf of an Alaskan by a public
There are one-time costs associated with the implementation of the proposed legislation detailed below. The PFD Division
is unable to project the amount of general fund revenue generated as a result of the proposed legislation and has
therefore indicated the changes in revenue as indeterminate.
PFD Administrative (rate of $25 per hour):
- Update website help content - 5 hours
Programming Work (standard programming rate of $120 per hour):
- Modify myPFD online filing application - 150 hours
- PFD Programming Admin - 7 hours
- myInfo - 150 hours
- DAIS - 20 hours
- Payment Dashboard - 7 hours
- Reports - 14 hours
- Tax Correspondence - 14 hours
Total Cost:
Administrative - $125
Programming - $43,440
Total - $43,565.00
(Revised 11/23/2021 OMB/LFD) Page 2 of 2
HB158-DOR-PFD-1-28-22 Page 2 of 2 Control Code: XbUrQ

Statutes affected:
HB0158A, AM HB 158, introduced 03/31/2021:
HB0158B, AM CSHB 158(FIN), introduced 03/16/2022: