State of Alaska
Fiscal Note
Bill Version: CSHB 54(FIN)
2022 Legislative Session
Fiscal Note Number: 4
(H) Publish Date: 2/4/2022
Identifier: HB54-DFG-DSF-2-2-22 Department: Department of Fish and Game
Title: INVASIVE SPECIES MANAGEMENT Appropriation: Sport Fisheries
Sponsor: FISHERIES Allocation: Sport Fisheries
Requester: (H)FINANCE OMB Component Number: 464
Note: Amounts do not include inflation unless otherwise noted below. (Thousands of Dollars)
Included in
FY2023 Governor's
Appropriation FY2023 Out-Year Cost Estimates
Requested Request
OPERATING EXPENDITURES FY 2023 FY 2023 FY 2024 FY 2025 FY 2026 FY 2027 FY 2028
Personal Services 88.1 58.7 58.7 58.7 58.7 58.7
Services 13.7 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0
Commodities 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2 1.2
Capital Outlay
Grants & Benefits
Total Operating 101.8 0.0 63.9 63.9 63.9 63.9 63.9
Fund Source (Operating Only)
1004 Gen Fund (UGF) 101.8 63.9 63.9 63.9 63.9 63.9
Total 101.8 0.0 63.9 63.9 63.9 63.9 63.9
Part-time 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0
Change in Revenues
1005 GF/Prgm (DGF) 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9
Total 0.0 0.0 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9 3.9
Estimated SUPPLEMENTAL (FY2022) cost: 0.0 (separate supplemental appropriation required)
Estimated CAPITAL (FY2023) cost: 0.0 (separate capital appropriation required)
Does the bill create or modify a new fund or account? Yes
(Supplemental/Capital/New Fund - discuss reasons and fund source(s) in analysis section)
Does the bill direct, or will the bill result in, regulation changes adopted by your agency? No
If yes, by what date are the regulations to be adopted, amended or repealed?
Why this fiscal note differs from previous version/comments:
Removes incorrect reference in the analysis section to a temporary position.
Prepared By: Rachel Hanke, Legislative Liaison Phone: (907)267-2130
Division: Office of the Commissioner Date: 02/02/2022
Approved By: Dayna Mackey, Administrative Services Director Date: 02/02/22
Agency: Office of Management and Budget
Printed 2/3/2022 Page 1 of 2 Control Code: vYPjU
CSHB 54(FIN) - Fiscal Note 4
This proposed legislation would create an Invasive Species Council within the Department of Fish and Game (DF&G). It
also creates a new account in the general fund called the invasive species response fund. The Council is tasked with
facilitating cooperation and communication among entities within and external to the council and to make
recommendations to DF&G to prevent, manage and eradicate invasive species and recommend expenditures from the
newly created invasive species response fund. As proposed, there would be a 27-member council representing 18
different stakeholder groups, not including federal or state agencies, with varying expertise, interests and perspectives.
In this legislation, the council members are not eligible to receive per diem or travel from DF&G. The legislation requires
at least four meetings in the first year and at least one annual meeting in out years. For the purposes of this fiscal note,
the department assumes the mandatory meetings will be held in person and additional meetings will be held
telephonically as a way to reduce costs.
Invasive Species Council
Estimated costs to support the proposed council include:
Personal Services - the department expects to need a Program Coordinator 2 position to support the council, facilitate
implementing the bill and draft the 5-year strategic plans. This position would be used for nine months in the first year
and six months in the outyears.
Services - $13.7 for the first year and $4.0 in out years is expected for meeting support which would include meeting
space, technology, and public involvement support.
Invasive Species Management Decal
This legislation requires the department to develop an invasive species management decal with the council and offer
them for sale to the public for $20 each. The department estimates to collect $3.9 annually based upon an average of Fish
& Wildlife Conservation Stamps that were sold between calendar years 2017-2019. Estimated costs to support the decal
program include:
Services - the department estimates a cost of $0.7 in the first year for a graphic design contract.
Commodities - this includes $1.0 annually in outyears for printing/materials and $0.2 for marketing.
(Revised 11/23/2021 OMB/LFD) Page 2 of 2
HB54-DFG-DSF-2-2-22 Page 2 of 2 Control Code: vYPjU

Statutes affected:
HB0054A, AM HB 54, introduced 02/18/2021: 37.05.142, 16.20.820, 16.20.810, 41.10.130, 16.20.850, 16.20.800, 37.05.146
HB0054B, AM CSHB 54(FSH), introduced 04/07/2021: 37.05.142, 16.20.820, 16.20.810, 41.10.130, 16.20.850, 16.20.800, 37.05.146
HB0054C, AM CSHB 54(FIN), introduced 02/04/2022: 37.05.142, 16.20.820, 16.20.810, 41.10.130, 16.20.850, 16.20.800, 37.05.146
HB0054D, AM SCS CSHB 54(RES), introduced 04/22/2022: 37.05.142, 16.20.820, 16.20.810, 16.20.800, 41.10.130, 16.20.850, 37.05.146
HB0054A, AM HB 54, introduced 01/15/2021: 37.05.142, 16.20.820, 16.20.810, 41.10.130, 16.20.850, 16.20.800, 37.05.146