State of Alaska
Fiscal Note
Bill Version: CSSB 193(RES)
2020 Legislative Session
Fiscal Note Number: 1
(S) Publish Date: 3/17/2020
Identifier: SB193-LAW-CIV-3-6-20 Department: Department of Law
Title: ELECTRIC UTILITY LIABILITY Appropriation: Civil Division
Sponsor: COGHILL Allocation: Regulatory Affairs Public Advocacy
Requester: (S) Resources OMB Component Number: 2764
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Prepared By: Allison Radford, Special Assistant to the Commissioner Phone: (907)465-1042
Division: Civil Division Date: 03/06/2020
Approved By: Valerie Rose, Acting Administrative Services Director Date: 03/06/20
Agency: Office of Management and Budget
Printed 3/17/2020 Page 1 of 2 Control Code: lLJRQ
CSSB 193(RES) - Fiscal Note 1
SB 193 would provide complete immunity from civil liability for certain electrical utilities in the event of property damage,
death, or personal injury resulting from contact between the utilitys facilities and offproperty vegetation. The utilities
covered by this provision are those offering electric service to the public for compensation under a certificate of public
convenience and necessity, issued under AS 42.05.221.
The immunity provision would not apply if the vegetation at issue is entirely within the bounds of property under the
control of the utility, including easements or rightsofway, and one of two additional conditions is met. The immunity
provision would not apply if the utility either does not have a written vegetation management plan or policy or fails to
substantially comply with the utilitys written vegetation management plan or policy.
This bill would define written vegetation management plan or policy for the purpose of this section as a document that
establishes a procedure for managing vegetation to protect reliability and safety of its electrical facilities.
The immunity provision would apply to civil lawsuits filed on or after the effective date of the bill, regardless of the date of
To the extent that SB 193 would give rise to civil liability, a regulated utility that is held liable could seek to recover
damages through rates charged to customers by seeking a rate increase with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. The
Regulatory Affairs & Public Advocacy Section (RAPA) at the Department of Law could be involved in a resulting
investigation of a rate increase. Addressing similar types of cost recovery is part of the standard work RAPA performs
when investigating a proposed rate increase. RAPA would respond to the implementation of this legislation with existing
The Department of Law does not anticipate any fiscal impact if this bill becomes law.
(Revised 10/22/19 OMB/LFD) Page 2 of 2
SB193-LAW-CIV-3-6-20 Page 2 of 2 Control Code: lLJRQ

Statutes affected:
SB0193A, AM SB 193, introduced 02/14/2020: 09.65.085, 42.05.221
SB0193B, AM CSSB 193(RES), introduced 03/17/2020: 42.05.221
SB0193C, AM CSSB 193(RES) am, introduced 03/22/2020: 42.05.221