State of Alaska
Fiscal Note
Bill Version: HB 133
2020 Legislative Session
Fiscal Note Number: 2
(H) Publish Date: 2/12/2020
Identifier: HB133-DHSS-PS-1-16-2020 Department: Department of Health and Social Services
Title: JUVENILES: JUSTICE,FACILITES,TREATMENT Appropriation: Juvenile Justice
Sponsor: SPOHNHOLZ Allocation: Probation Services
Requester: (H)HSS OMB Component Number: 2134
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If yes, by what date are the regulations to be adopted, amended or repealed? 09/15/20
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Prepared By: Tracy Dompeling, Director Phone: (907)465-2212
Division: Juvenile Justice Date: 04/18/2019 11:15 AM
Approved By: Sana Efird, Administrative Services Director Date: 04/10/19
Agency: Office of Management and Budget
Printed 2/11/2020 Page 1 of 2 Control Code: tvmNq
HB 133 - Fiscal Note 2
This bill makes necessary updates to the terms used to describe the Division of Juvenile Justice facilities and staff.
Correcting these terms will greatly improve understanding by legislators, departmental staff, the public, and others about
when particular statutes apply to the adult versus juvenile justice system. The bill improves the departments ability to
develop regulations and policies based on the work of these staff and in these facilities. The bill also improves lawmakers
ability to introduce legislation that clearly includes juvenile justice staff and facilities.
The bill clarifies that Division of Juvenile Justice facility staff and probation officers can hold positions of authority and
serve as legal guardians of minors for the purposes of addressing crimes of sexual assault and sexual abuse of a minor. This
clarification is necessary due to a court decision that found that Division of Juvenile Justice facility staff are not currently
included in the position of authority definition found in AS 11.41.470(5).
The bill makes Division of Juvenile Justice staff among the persons who are required to report child abuse and neglect.
Current mandatory reporters include practitioners of the healing arts, school teachers, officers of the Department of
Corrections, and others. Juvenile justice staff are not included in this list even though youth frequently disclose abuse to
these staff and staff, in turn, make reports to the Office of Childrens Services. The Division of Juvenile Justice facility and
probation staff make an average of 80 protective services reports to Office of Childrens Services per year.
The department will update the regulations addressing the management of juvenile facilities found at 7 AAC 52 as per
section 41 and 42 of the bill. The department expects to implement the regulation changes 120 days following the
effective date of section 41.
The bill is not expected to have a programmatic or fiscal impact on the department.
(Revised 10/22/19 OMB/LFD) Page 2 of 2
HB133-DHSS-PS-1-16-2020 Page 2 of 2 Control Code: tvmNq

Statutes affected:
HB0133A, AM HB 133, introduced 04/15/2019: 09.65.255, 47.32.900, 47.10.392, 47.10.399, 47.12.990, 47.14.990, 11.41.425, 11.41.427, 11.41.470, 11.61.123, 33.30.901, 47.30.915, 14.07.020, 14.03.125, 14.33.120, 14.07.030, 14.03.123, 14.30.186, 17.37.070, 47.33.990, 18.20.499, 18.07.111, 47.10.141, 47.10.080, 47.10.142, 47.12.120, 47.12.250, 47.10.390, 47.10.990, 47.12.025, 47.12.020, 47.12.245, 47.12.240, 47.12.040, 47.12.060, 47.12.400, 47.12.450, 47.12.260, 47.12.170, 11.56.210, 47.21.020, 47.12.155, 47.12.140, 47.12.100, 47.12.160, 47.12.270, 47.12.310, 47.12.315, 47.14.010, 47.14.020, 47.14.100, 47.14.040, 47.14.050, 47.17.020, 18.66.990, 12.65.015, 12.65.120, 47.14.300, 28.15.176