State of Alaska
Fiscal Note
Bill Version: HB 260
2018 Legislative Session
Fiscal Note Number: 1
(H) Publish Date: 2/28/2018
Identifier: HB260-DFG-CO-02-16-18 Department: Department of Fish and Game
Title: FISH & GAME LICENSES;ELECTRONIC FORM Appropriation: Statewide Support Services
Sponsor: SADDLER Allocation: Commissioner's Office
Requester: House Fisheries Committee OMB Component Number: 2175
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Initial version.
Prepared By: Morgan Foss, Special Assistant to the Commissioner Phone: (907)465-6137
Division: Office of the Commissioner Date: 02/16/2018 06:00 PM
Approved By: Carol Petraborg, Director Date: 02/16/18
Agency: Division of Administrative Services
Printed 2/27/2018 Page 1 of 2 Control Code: zndZJ
HB 260 - Fiscal Note 1
This bill describes how a person holding a Fish and Game sport fishing, hunting, trapping license, or Permanent
Identification Card may display a valid copy (a sport fishing, hunting, or trapping license must be signed in order to be
considered valid) in paper or electronic format to an enforcement agent as proof of possession. The department does not
foresee that any statute or regulation currently restricts a user from displaying the actual license in either paper or
electronic format, so long as the license is valid and signed.
Fish and Game regulation 5 AAC 75.006(a) requires that, (1) a nontransferable harvest record must be in possession of
each person taking and retaining a finfish for which an annual limit has been established; for a licensed angler, a harvest
record appears on the back of the angler's sport fishing license, a harvest record may be obtained, without charge, from
department offices and fishing license vendors; (2) immediately upon landing a finfish for which an annual limit has been
established, the angler shall enter the date, location (body of water fished), and species of the catch, in ink, on the harvest
Fish and Game regulation 5 AAC 92.010 requires that, (a) the number of each harvest ticket issued to a hunter must be
entered on the hunter's license. A harvest ticket issued the previous calendar year and still valid must also be entered on
the hunting license.
The department does not currently have the technological ability to offer digital recording of harvest on an electronic copy
of the license. An electronic copy of a valid license would need to include the Harvest Ticket Number(s) on the original
license prior to the creation of that electronic image if the user were to legally engage in those activities. If the user
intends to exclusively use the electronic copy of the valid, signed license for sport fishing for a species with an established
annual limit, the user would need to maintain a separate paper copy of a harvest record for the purpose of immediately
recording harvest of those species.
(Revised 9/26/17 OMB/LFD) Page 2 of 2
HB260-DFG-CO-02-16-18 Page 2 of 2 Control Code: zndZJ

Statutes affected:
HB0260A, AM HB 260, introduced 01/16/2018:
HB0260B, AM CSHB 260(RES), introduced 04/06/2018: 16.05.330, 16.05.430
HB0260C, AM CSHB 260(FIN), introduced 04/17/2018: 16.05.330, 16.05.430
HB0260D, AM CSHB 260(FIN) am, introduced 05/04/2018, passed House 05/04/2018, passed Senate 05/11/2018: 16.05.330, 16.05.430
HB0260Z, AM Enrolled HB 260, introduced 05/11/2018: 16.05.330, 16.05.430